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Greetings My name is Renegade Rich,

Area Control Network (ACN) News is my News website.

All the of my News and Niche websites, I consolidated all of them into one news website, this site,

Area Control Network (ACN) News.

Renegades Network is my site. After creating many renegade websites I finally deleted them all and landed here.

I have over 30 websites and it just got out of hand so I decided to consolidate all the Renegades websites to one site. Renegades Network.


Well, I do have a few other sites.

My support and site information website:  FYI Center

I needed a wiki ?: Renegades Wiki.

My Picture website: Rare Pictures

A few of these sites need a lot of work.. However since I consolidates over 30 sites to 5 websites now maybe I am get something done.

ACN News Contact Information. I do not use email for contacts! You must submit a ticket at the FYI Center in the appropriate category. You must provide a links to the issue or information in question. To be notified of replies and ticket updates you must us a working mail. You may also login at any time to check your ticket statice.

  1. ACN News | General Support Tickets
  2. ACN News | Claims of Infringement
  3. ACN News | Terms
  4. ACN News | Privacy Policy

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